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Alaçatı - Izmir - Turkey

Geographic Coordinates : Latitude 38° 15' 10" N - Longitude 26° 23' 20" E
VHF Channels : 16
Call Sign : " alacati marina "



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Mooring : 400 yachts

Marina located south of Alaçatı, it is paradise for yachting enthusiasts with its rows of small coves. The dock can hold up to 80 boats and offers a variety of services for yachts. Alaçatı Marina, located in the natural Agriler harbour offers good shelter all around the year. This marina recently activated aims to be center of Sailing and Surfing with the port Alacati project. The facilities currently offered are limited.

Alaçatı natural harbor; is one of the rarest places in the world for surfing since the sea is very smooth yet there is consistent and steady winds. While Çark and Piyade beaches are windless, sandy and calm. The yacht harbor and airport are under construction and are expected to improve the potential of tourism in the area.

Alaçatı, a traditional Mediterranean town near Çeşme Peninsula on the western coast of Turkey, and famous for its architecture, windmills and narrow streets, is an internationally known spot for windsurfing with its crystal clear water, consistent and steady wind".

The vineyards of Alaçatı region are as famous as its windmills. The magnificent hills of Agrilia Bay has natural earth layers like France and California which are very suitable for viticulture. 10 kilometers away, there is a 200 hectare vineyard development on the hills of Ovacık which is of itself a magnificent spectacle.

Alaçatı (Agrilia), a unique Mediterranean town on the Western coast of Turkey, which has been famous for its architecture, vineyards and windmills for over 150 years has now made its name in the world of windsurfing and kitesurfing, with its crystal clear water, consistent and steady wind (for an average of 300 days a year) and well acclaimed Turkish hospitality.

Alaçatı It is seven kilometers away from Çeşme. Alaçatı is a lovely town with a combination of Turkish/Greek architecture, rough cobblestone pavements, over hundred year old windmills and Sakızlı gardens. The Ayios Konstantinos church has been converted into a mosque and still remains standing as Pazaryeri mosque. Every year people from all over the world come here to join the "International Children and Youth Theatres Festival" performed during the last week of June every year.

Located adjacent to the Alaçatı Marina, our hotel is an integral part of the Port Alaçatı Canal City project. This unique project integrates waterways as ‘streets’ leading into housing units and thus is affectionately named ‘The Venice Project’ among the local population.

Port Hotel utilizes a unique blend of Turkish and Aegean architectures and is located on the waterfront. The hotel is the only one in the area where every room offers a unique, breathtaking view of the Aegean along with individual balconies and terraces from which you can enjoy this beautiful scenery. Our hotel offers truly boutique-style accommodations with its four suites and thirteen regular rooms that are decorated in a bright, contemporary fashion.

Every room offers a stunning view of the Aegean and offers a unique balcony or terrace for your pleasure. All rooms are fully air-conditioned and have telephones, satellite tv, complimentary wired and wireless internet access, minibar, safe and hair dryers.

Güverte Restaurant : With its rich wine menu, our restaurant offers a Turkish-Mediterranean dining experience. Fresh ingredients are hand-selected and cooked using traditional home-style recipes. You can sample the special flavors of our restaurant in the light, breezy environment the Restaurant.

Alaçatı Bay is controlled by the Sport's Council of Çeşme. A plan have been accepted and the bay is now officially recognized as a windsurfing and kitesurfing bay. All other water sports like waterski, wakeboarding etc. are absolutely forbidden and a maximum 3 miles per hour speed limit is set for all boats within the Alaçatı bay.

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