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Sigacik - Izmir - Turkey

Geographic Coordinates : Latitude 38° 11' 43" N - Longitude 26° 46' 59" E
VHF Channel : 16
Call Sign : " sigacik marina "



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Mooring : 50 yachts.

Sigacik is situated in Sigacik Bay, 5 km west of Seferihisar. Southeast of Çeşme, beautiful bays offer splendid scenery and tranquil night moorings in complete safety from the winds and waves. Soon you will arrive at Sigacik, where a picturesque marina rests beneath fortifications that date from the Genoese period.

Sigacik Yachting Marina On the southern part of the Cesme peninsula, via the town of Seferihisar, is the small picturesque marina of Sigacik. It is an important yachting center surrounded by fortifications dating from the Genoese period. From here it is easy to visit the antique site of Teos, noted for its Temple of Dionysos and the lovely Akkum Beach.

There are Yachting tours to beautiful sites. Tours especially to hotspring caves next to the sea. You can meet other Yachters from around the world and have a special cultural exchange.

In Sigacik a feeling of timelessness captures one with its glittering sea and brilliant sun. This serenity keeps you away from your daily worries like a nymph touching you with her magical stick. Sigacik, with its clear waters, has been a home for the most delicious fish and the most talented fishermen. Also the place is suitable for nautical sports such as surfing, sailing and diving. Akkum beach with its modest facilities is ready to meet your requirements all day long.

In the fabulous waters of Sigacik one can engage in diving, observe the undersea beauties and fish. For these purposes yachting tours are available. In Sigacik, there is Ekmeksiz Beach, which is one of Turkey's cleanest, and coldest bays. It has a "blue flag" award, it is closed to northern winds and there are also fresh water springs beneath the sea. There are also camping and picnic areas in the pine tree covered hillsides. With its warmhearted inhabitants, Sigacik is just one of Turkey's treasures. The building of a new marina may have positive effects on its potential. Time will show.

From here, the antique site of Teos, noted for its Temple of Dionysus, the god of wine, is conveniently close. It is also an excellent area in which to sample some of Turkey's superb wines. In addition to its historical and natural beauties it is also a natural bay. Sigacik, embracing Teos, which is one of 12 Ion cities, takes its name from the times 1521-1522 when it was used as a hiding place. Once being the capital of Ionian civilization, Sigacik was a rival of Ephesus. Sigacik is on the west of Seferihisar and is surrounded by tangerine gardens.

Teospa Hotel has 12 apartments, 20 Suites, 12 Double Rooms, all with beautiful balconies. Most of the rooms overlooking Sigacik Marina with beautiful gardens.

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